May 05, 2010

The Klo & Kweh Foundation

Announcement: Klo & Kweh Music Team

Founded in 2001 under the auspicious of the Klo & Kweh Foundation, the Klo & Kweh Music Team is one of the best known musical groups in the country, especially among the seven millions Karen people living in Burma and the world over. Its main objective is to preserve Karen culture and literature and promote intercultural exchange through music. It is closely affiliated with the Karen Baptist Convention and primarily founded on Baptist Christian root and yet it aims to serve audience of all kinds without any religious bias or discrimination.

The Klo & Kweh Music Team remains dedicated to its original mission – to preserve and promote Karen culture and literature through music. We believe in human dignity, individual liberty and personal right to pursuit of happiness. We will not officially condone or condemn any individual’s moral character and/or behavior. Nor will we let ourselves be distracted or our collective mission disrupted by any individual’s self-interest.

The Klo & Kweh Music Team has very limited resources and has to operate in a very restricted environment. Therefore, it will only respond, in the order of their importance, to issues that bear reasonable relevance to its core mission. The Klo & Kweh Foundation has no plan or desire to respond to every criticism leveled against it.

The Klo & Kweh Foundation

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