May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Reflections

Happy Mother's Day: Reflections
Saw Kapi

Mother, you told us to practice equality and justice, and that such practice should start at home. From you, we learn that words such as "equality" and "justice" are not merely principles that we can cherish but must practice in dealing with one another. You provide each of us equally with what we need according to what was available at the time. You encouraged us to seek education so that we can better understand the world around us and broaden our perspectives. When we all have grown up, you reminded us that notwithstanding the level of education we have, we must not lose our common sense in every little or big thing that we do. For it is the foundation on which we will build our characters.

The greatest teaching, among the many that you have taught us, perhaps, is the importance of speaking our own language – Karen – at home. You were unyielding in your effort to compel us to speak Karen at home although, at the same time, you encouraged us to read Burmese literatures, both classical and contemporary. From you, we learn that the collective identity of a people depends largely upon her collective ability to use, maintain and develop her language, and that such collective endeavor must begin with persistent effort of each individual (family) at home.

To this end, you are an inspiring mother and also a passionate teacher, who has shown us not only how to be practically patriotic but how to live a life that is positively useful to people around us.