February 02, 2010

A Tribute to My Mentor

Naw Louisa Benson Craig: A tribute to my mentor

It was in 1994 when I first met Aunty Louisa in Los Angeles at a Burma campaign event. She was surprised to see me with Karen dress at a political event in LA. Soon after that meeting, she made an arrangement for me to work with the National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma in its Washington, DC office.

A year later, we met again in Bakersfield, California, when Gen. Bo Mya visited the United States. Then, at Mae Tha Raw Hta Ethnic Nationalities Seminar. Every time we meet with Karen leaders, she took every opportunity available to introduce young blood to the KNU leadership. She has a big heart for the Karen people.

A long time supporter of Karen resistance movement, a former Miss Burma, and a tireless campaigner for the rights of Burma's ethnic nationalities, Naw Louisa Benson Criag passed away on February 2, 2010 in California. She is my foremost political mentor. I am sorry that I did not have a chance to say "thanks" to her in person before she leaves this world.

Saw Kapi

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Gracie Michel said...

Thank you for your words. I am Grace Michel and Aunty Louisa is my Aunty, my mothers sister, and also my hero. Thank you for honoring her life.