August 11, 2007

Made in Heaven: A Review


By - Saw Kapi

Beginning with a historically charged song titled "Absolute Question" by Gal Lay, the newly released gospel album "Made in Heaven" in Burmese language produced by the Upper Burma Karen Baptist Association is among the hottest musical live show VCDs in Burma today. Depicting one of the historical parables from the Old Testament, Gal Lay in her Cleopatra-style outfit, as the VCD shows, utterly awed the five thousand plus rock-music-thirsty audience in the great Pu Thar Pyu hall in Insein. The song, composed by Klo & Kweh Music Award winner Academy Thomas, reminds us that all the empires and emperors in the history fell, some even spectacularly; no matter how strong they were at one point in history – a clear reminder of impermanence, a sheer historical reality.

Aung Barn sings the title song, "Made in Heaven." The music and accompanying lyrics are grizzly and pointed. The music also takes an intimate look at human origin, through a study of the creation and of human's broken relationship with his creator.

One of the two bonus tracks sung by Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein, a Shakira style Burmese rock star, catches audience's attention with her emotionally charged song titled "I can't bare." Portraying a young girl left behind by her mother at birth, young May Hnin Pyu shows her God's given talent of acting in the backdrop of Rangoon's heart-renting slum.

In terms of style, "Made in Heaven" songs are all over the map, and that variety is what makes this unconventional gospel album so impressive. There are sounds ranging from the traditional-style, violin-driven "Immanuel" to Rap-leaning "I and about myself" by Breaky. Indeed, "Made in Heaven" is everything you would want from a well-produced, contemporary gospel pop album: colorful, catchy hits and an appealing range of styles.

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