June 19, 2007

Karen Reunioin 2007 in KL, Malaysia

Karen Reunion 2007 Successfully Concluded

Karen community leaders, students, well-known entertainers and active community members from several parts of the world participated in this reunion. Activities at the reunion ranged from community development presentation, group discussion and cultural entertainment to solidarity luncheon and friendly talks.

The objectives of the Karen Reunion 2007 are:

(1) social: to get to know each other; to facilitate ways for further cooperation among like-minded individuals on their respective interests
(2) Cultural: to learn what have been done on cultural preservation from our other fellow Karens and assess if we can imitate, emulate, or help assist these activities.
(3) Educational: to learn what have been done on educational promotion from our other fellow karens and assess if we can imitate, emulate, or help assist these activities.
(4) Business/ livelihood improvement: to learn what have been done on entrepreneur skills promotion from our other fellow Karen and assess if we can imitate, emulate and help assist these activities.

Below you can see some of the immages of notable moments.

Group picture of some of the participants

Malaysia Karen Organization hosted participants with a Done Dance presentation

A presentation on Community Development project by Saw Hsar Law La (of Taw Oo)

Saw Thu Yeh (Thailand) presented his analysis of current Karen situation

A presentation by an active woman community organizer, Nant Su Su Hlaing

Naw Hser Ku Paw (Singapore)during her presentation

Saw Sunlight talks about Karen community development in Burma

Saw Gedioin Morris, one of the key organizers, welcomed the participants

Dr. Naw Ardeth Maung Thawnghmung, the ultimate organizer of the Karen Reunion - 2007, also facilitated group discussion

Thanks to the Malaysia Karen Organization for the courage and generosity as host of Karen Reunion 2007

As some presented, some listened attentively


Anonymous said...

What are the outcome plans for KAREN FUTURE resulted from this Karen Reunion?


Anonymous said...

You are pathetic, not capable of seeing positive things but lost in the negative outlook towards other. Don't insult us those participated in the Karen Reuion.

Anonymous said...

Don't talk around to critize. Just go to the point and post yr comments. I am not insulting you all and we must foucus on Karen Future instead of doing all sorts of just more than entertaining.
By the way how much do you know Karen History and Culture and how true you are to Karen people??

A quarter Karen said...

Dear Karens,

I don't understand why some Karens are so anxious and suspicious about the recent Karen Reunion in KL, Malaysia. Now, the people from Burma (not only Karen), are all over the world, and we see with our own eyes or on the web or in the news, how other ethnic groups or how other nationalities are having various kinds of events such as professional workshops, academic seminars or debate for their social, economic and political development in their own ways. And remember, you cannot solve all the problems or write and talk about the whole future of the Karen by just one event. And it is not the duty of only those who attended the Reunion, but it is a shared destiny and responsibility.

I do hope that the Karen can coexist and work together for the wellbeing of their own people with their deepest differences.

Anonymous said...

There's saying, "Too much knowledge maketh fool". May be you will know the Karen history more than me.
May be you all know politics more than me. But knowing all these things are for what purpose? Just to shout and tell others as it is a great history or legend? Although you know many things,did you do anythings upon this knowledge? As i am the one who attended this reunion from the beginning to the end, i come to know that, all the presenters from this Karen reunion had tried the best for the development of their people in their part that they can do. I'm very ashamed that though I'm in the middle age, i haven't done any thing like those young people did as they can. So, instead of criticize to each others, if we can do as much as we can do in our part and places, our people victory is in the near future. ( I agree with the youngest presenter's thoughts)

Anonymous said...

Be positive..
Do not pass the messafe that you are not really know. Our Karen seperates today because of rumors and critisisms.

Anonymous said...

Karen people,
i read about Karen Reunioin 2007 in Malaysia.It was interesting to know those who are very passionate about there words and how they feel about the Karen future.

Anonymous said...

I was there but according to my understanding it better to be called Karen Baptist Reunion but not Karen Reunion. I really mean it. I was from Malasia Karen Organisation. I hope new generation can seperate politic and religion whenever they step up to political stage. especially to the organiser and the leaders.

Anonymous said...

I was there and it was good to meet on that way but it is better to be called Karen Baptist Reunion or Karen Christian Reunion because the way it was organised and run. I hope all the Karen people who like to be leaders and step up to the political stage can seperate religion and politic in whatever they do. No matter what religion background are.

Anonymous said...

can not post my comment. dont know why?