July 28, 2006

The role of media

I think a role of media organization depends primarily on its own founding mission. I don't believe that every Burmese media group outside of Burma should become mouthpieces of opposition movement. An unbiased, free and balanced media is what we need. Even if the aim of a media organization coincides with the end of the Burmese opposition movement, still the media has the responsibility to report the truth, i.e., if necessary, it can and should be critical to the opposition movement as well. Once it fails to be a free and balanced one, a media organization merely becomes a propaganda tool for the opposition, which can be at times as corrupt as the military regime.

Saw Kapi

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matblue said...

Most importantly we need people who care about their fellow man. Reporting for reporting sake isn't enough, you must be engaged with your subject. How can one possibly expect others to care about something we don't? Keep up the good work I look forward to reading more about you Karen, especially from one who cares. ~Matt